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PRESIDENT GENERAL'S WELCOME ADDRESS @  The 7th Bi-Annual EPU-USA convention, NJ 2008.

Your Excellencies, Igwes, Chiefs, Elders, Special guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the Executive Committee of Enugwu-Agidi Progressive Union, USA, I welcome you to the 7th Biannual Family Re-Union / Convention. I recognize that you have taken time off from your busy schedule to join us in this wonderful celebration of of our common heritage. I thank God for granting all of us His journey mercies as we traveled from our various destinations to this Garden City.

We are gathered here primarily to celebrate our common bond. This reunion is recognition that though we may come from different viallages, and different families, we are one. As individuals, our faces are different, we rationalize issues differently and present opposing views but we learn to agree to disagree. Let us always remember that no matter what we do, we are primarily Enugwu-Agidians. As we continue to build a strong and unified organization, let us resolve to stick together in the pursuit of our common cause. Let us be mindful that this is our time, this is our generation, and we need to take charge of our tomorrow. Nobody will do it for us.

The theme of this reunion is Healthcare for Enugwu-Agidi. The objective is to provide a healthcare program that will be community centered and family oriented. The emphasis is on education as a vehicle for creating awareness of prevailing diseases in the community and providing advocacy for prevention of the people of Enugwu-Agidi. In the continuum of care, the program targets prevention, wellness, and chronic disease management and de-emphasize acute care and end of life issues. To achieve this will require a lot of money and the contribution of time, expertise and influence of our members. Please help us raise the required fund. Donate generously !

I am well informed that our hosts - our brothers and sisters of New Jersey Branch of EPU - have a lot of fun in stock for us. I recognize the hard work, money and time they have severally and individually committed to the preparation of this august event. The good Lord will reward them immensely. On behalf of EPU, USA, I say thank you New Jersey !

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the moment !

Long Live EPU, USA 

Long Live Enugwu-Agidi

Long Live Nigeria

Long Live USA

Emeka Linus Okafor 
President General
Enugwu-Agidi Progressive Union, USA



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