Enugwu-Agidi Progressive Union, (EPU) USA                              A caring community for the development of humanity.

The Biennial EPU-USA Convention is on June, 30th. - July, 3rd. 2022 at

Washington, D.C. USA.

Crown Plaza College Park, Washington, D.C. USA 6400 Ivy Lane, Greenbelt, Maryland. 20790 Direct Line: 301.614.8202 Hotel: 301.441.3700 Click here for booking details =====> Crown Plaza Hotel Information EPU-USA is a non-profit entity made up of sons and daughters of Enugwu-Agidi and their respectively families residing in the USA. Every Two years (2 Years), we generally have our National Meeting and Convention. It is at this Conventions that we review our past programs and yet propose new goals. This year - 2022, The D.C. Branch of The EPU-USA would be hosting this convention. The D.C. Branch of EPU-USA has proposed a project for Redesigning / Renovation our Enugwu-Agidi Community Hospital. Please browse our website regualrly for more updates and details.

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EPU-USA Executives:

Mr. Vincent Okonkwo National President General. Mr. Sunny Okoye National Vice. President Gen.. Mr. Felix Okam National Secretary. Mr. Paul Ezendu Assistant National Secretary. Sir. Donatus Anigbogu National Financial Secretary. Mrs. Ngozi Nebolisa Treasurer. Mr. Emmanuel Okafor National Public Relations Officer. Mr. Prince Okonkwo National Provost / Protocol Officer.
ENUGWU-AGIDI PROGRESSIVE UNION, USA 2022 REUNION ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DATE; JUNE 30 th , TO JULY, 3 rd 2022 [If the COVID 19 Pandemic allows] HOST: EPU-DC [Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia] REUNION PROJECT; ENUGWU - AGIDI COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Website: Http://www.Enugwu-Agidi.org This announcement serves as an invitation to start booking your flights / hotel rooms and arranging for your Visa if you need one. Check the website regularly for more information and other details. Signed: EPU D.C. Reunion Organizing Committee Chikezie Nwankwo Chairman Emeke Okeke Vice Chairman Nnamdi Nwankwo Member Bosah Okoye Member Ifeyinwa Okoye Member Florence Aniezue Member =========================== Dear Brothers and Sisters, If you need a letter of invitation for your relatives or friends to attend the EPU-USA National Convention at Maryland, 30th, June 22 to 3rd July, 22. email: PG-EPUUSA@Enugwu-Agidi.org the name of your relative or friend as it appears in his or her passport and his or her email address by 31st, March. Also, encourage your relative or friend to book their accommodation for the convention ASAP. Warm Regards, Vincent Okonkwo (PG, EPU-USA. ).
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